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Dab/Vape Bar Service

Do you have a corporate event, wedding, etc, and you are looking for something unique? Let us host a concentrate vape bar experience for you!

We are experts in our field, and we have been running dab bars at private events since 2015. Although we do not supply concentrates for any of the events, we are able to work with sponsors for samples.



For concentrate producers looking for a special way to market their product, we offer a whole host of services. We will do your product justice in a way that nobody else can, with some companies even using our services instead of reps for events. This service is becoming increasingly popular.



Our dab bar includes high-end artisan Canadian glass valued anywhere from $500-$2500, high quality TruQuartz concentrate attachments for the glass pieces, and flameless/smokeless electric powered heating devices which allow for indoor vaping. When it comes to quality of service, we are head and shoulders above the rest, even if we are the only ones in our province doing this service.



The concentrate vape bar experience is unlike any other. With concentrates on the rise as a popular product among retailers and consumers, producers are looking for more ways to get in touch with target audiences and find ways to lower the barrier of access. That is where we come in. 

With a high-end, engaging way to deliver a properly dosed dab of concentrates, participants can enjoy flavour like they’ve never experienced before from the cannabis plant. With a tried and true method of consumption, we will have people coming back for more, even as a novice user.

We can’t wait to elevate your event further!

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