Canadian-made heady glass, retail and wholesale. We have clients worldwide, and you can find the glass we supply at a number of local shops in BC. Put down 1/4 to reserve any piece today!

What is Boro?

Boro is short for Borosilicate, which is the type of glass our artists work with. It is one of a few different types of glass that are used to create works of art.

As opposed to another common type called soft glass or soda lime glass, which is placed inside a furnace as a source of heat to melt the glass and form it, borosilicate glass needs a constant stream of heat from a fuel and oxygen torch.

Borosilicate work on average is smaller format than soft glass, due to the fact that the glass always needs to be in the flame to soften or remain soft for a longer time, unless the glass artist has a large lathe and multiple torches at their disposal.

We called ourselves Boro and Beyond because we wanted to locally source Borosilicate art forms that are beyond the regular parameters of expectation. We bring to you art that you can interact with.